Greek Yogurt and Grape Nut Breakfast

I used to hate when my mom would try feeding me grape nuts. They were flavorless, small and crunchy beads.  I’ve since grown a little older and started embracing a more active lifestyle. Grape nuts became a regular part of my diet. They’re high in protein, fiber, and iron. I needed something that was healthy, filling, and pretty cheap and this breakfast fits the bill.


2 tablespoons grape nuts

3 tablespoons thick plain greek yogurt

Brown sugar to taste (about half a teaspoon for me)


Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!

It’s very simple and cost effective.  Where I live a box of grape nuts (not on sale)  is about 7 dollars for 20.5 oz. Plain Greek yogurt runs 7 dollars for two 32 oz containers.  The simplified math comes out to around 45 cents for breakfast!

I love Starbuck’s scones, but when it comes to saving money and getting great nutrition I’d pick this breakfast any day!

What’s with the Name?

So Health Nut on a Budget Diet is quite the mouthful. I blame my lack of creativity when it comes to naming things. Recently it’s become evident that I need to relocate to continue with my college. I love to cook and it’ll be very different trying to cook on a smaller budget. I want to see if it’s possible to eat  healthy  and delicious foods and stay clear of ramen noodles-at least some of the time. Who knows I may  just surprise myself with how easy it can be!